About Us

When it comes to watersports, nothing matters more than your safety.

Specifically, knowing that if you happen to go into the water—anticipated or not—that you know you’re wearing a PFD made by a trusted company who has your safety, and making memories on incredible adventures, top of mind.

That’s who we’re here to be for you; your source of confidence, inspired by trust. 

Trust in our products, in our history, and in the companies we align ourselves with; like with Mustang Survival - a leader in flotation solutions for some of the world’s most demanding users, and the new owner of MTI.

The MTI Roots

Founded in 1991, MTI (Marine Technologies International) carved its niche in the paddlesports flotation industry, designing and building USCG approved PFDs with a single intent: so people can experience more comfort, more safety, more joy and make more memories while out on the water.

Family-operated since day one, the values that launched the company continue to express themselves today; where the commitment to crafting vests for everyone in the family leads the way. MTI’s vests are set apart by intentional developments that cater to the whole family; like developing the most comfortable women-specific vests on the market. And, making sure the family’s furry friends have an option for their on-water (and in-water) adventures; innovating dog vests that offer added assurance that everyone aboard is safe. 

The Next Chapter; MTI x Mustang Survival

After changing hands to Gordon and Lil Colby in 2011, MTI is proud to now join the Mustang Survival family - where the shared pursuit of bringing the most well-rounded safety-first flotation solutions to those passionate about living beyond land binds them together with an incredible vision for the future.

Staying true to being family-first, and continuing the goal of creating products that amplify the memories to be made beyond the shoreline, MTI and Mustang Survival are stepping forward with a shared commitment:

To spend our time on land, so you enjoy yours on the water.